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From the Alumni Association:

Katie Hatch, President—Alumni Association Board of Directors
Katie Hatch, President—Alumni Association Board of Directors

Setting the World on Fire at Siena Heights

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

Sister Peg Albert reiterated St. Catherine of Siena’s words at graduation this past spring to a record number of graduates. I have witnessed this statement to be true in so many of our alumni. Through events on campus and off campus, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and witness so many of our community of alumni setting “the world on fire.”

Kelly Burke ‘07 and I were students in Studio Angelico together. At the 2015 Alumni Art Exhibit during Homecoming, I got to witness the evolution of her work since graduation. She is on fire and living her dream! We keep up on Instagram, but to see a gallery of her work and get to congratulate her in person was special. Siena offers this continued community as Studio Angelico has made a tradition of hosting a reception Friday night at Homecoming week (mark your calendars for Oct. 13-15, 2017!).

At graduation in the spring, I was honored to listen to Chase Wilkerson ’05 speak at the Kente ceremony. His soothing yet go get ’em personality encouraged me when we went to school together, and I watched as he inspired the new generation of Saints. Another Siena encounter I was fortunate to experience.

I have not only met alumni, but some of the new faculty and staff on our campuses. They are so energetic and passionate about the mission of the Alma Mater. I am proud they are continuing on the legacy of so many of our beloved professors and mentors.

Another thrill for me has been to watch a former high school student of mine graduate. From a copy room conversation with his mom to Gianni Chesnick ’15 deciding Siena was the place for him, too, it’s been incredible to watch his own Siena experience unfold into success.

Siena is still that place we loved as students. It looks a lot different, but I assure you, the mission is well. Those magnolia trees still blossom in the spring on campus in front of Benincasa, where Mary Poore ‘76 and I posed for a selfie. I affectionately call Mary my “Adrian Mom.” I didn’t meet Mary until after I graduated and moved away. How did two alums become such friends? That’s the Siena community.

If you know an alumni, or even a friend of Siena’s, who is setting the world on fire, let us know! Nominations for Alumni Awards are accepted on an ongoing basis. Those received by March 1, 2017, will be considered for the 2017 awards. It’s easy to submit an online nomination.

Call us or share a photo on our Facebook group and tell us how your Siena community is still a part of your life. Drop by for a visit or mentor a current student to expand your Siena experience. Even just tell someone about your Siena story in a copy room. You never know what fire it will start!

Katie Hatch ’07
President—Alumni Association Board of Directors

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