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From the Editor:

Doug Goodnough, Reflections Editor
Doug Goodnough, Reflections Editor

Has It Been 10 Years Already?

In this issue of Reflections Magazine, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our President, Sister Peg Albert.

Because I arrived at Siena Heights a few months before her, I’ve had a “front-row seat” of sorts to her presidency, and all that has happened during her time at SHU.

I had the privilege of introducing her to the Siena community at her opening press conference (I tried to act like I knew what I was doing back then). Being the first Adrian Dominican president in more than 30 years at Siena Heights, I remembered thinking, “this is history in the making.”

And the impact of her arrival was immediate. Things started happening. A lot of things. We’ve documented many of those “things” over the past decade in this magazine. But taking a step back, it truly is remarkable what has been achieved when put into the perspective of our 97-year history.

However, as Sister Peg likes to say, Siena Heights is more than just bricks and mortar. It ultimately is about the people. Allow me to share one particular quote from her that I think really hits home for me: “During the recession (in 2008), we could have laid off people. What we decided to do is to keep everybody working and not be able to give a raise or maybe lower the match for retirement. We knew that a lot of spouses or significant others have been laid off. The best thing we felt we could do for our community here is to keep them working. The last thing we were going to do was lay anybody off.”

And I know she has been just as unfailing in supporting and impacting the lives of our students. People have remained at the core of her presidency.

As someone who would rather be called “Peg” than “President,” and is known more for her hugs than her handshakes, she in many ways has redefined what it is to be a college president. And she has used her dedication to the Siena Heights mission like a rudder, keeping the University on its Dominican Catholic course.

What’s the next destination for Siena Heights? Who knows? I know 10 years ago, I never dreamed of sitting in the stadium press box watching a football game on a brisk fall Saturday, lunching in a new University Center or attending a nursing pinning ceremony.

All I know is with Sister Peg at the wheel, Siena Heights University is in good hands. Here’s to another exhilarating 10 years!

Doug Goodnough

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