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From the President:

Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD President

Going for the Gold at Siena Heights University

We all had the opportunity to view the Olympic Games this past summer. Whether you are inclined toward athletics or not, one has to admire the human spirit demonstrated by so many of the athletes.

How about the runner from South Africa who had two amputated legs as a child who ran and qualified for the semifinals in one of the races?

Or how about the male gymnast who wanted to win so he could make a better life for his family?

And what about the African woman who ran and hoped to be successful so that she could support her village?

The Olympics are much more than athletic events. They are stories of people’s lives and their will to be the best they can be – for a variety of different reasons. Some nights I just sat and watched the television and wondered: what motivated these athletes to do what they do? Some may think that many are just in it for the prestige and the money. For some, that may be very true. But there is so much more.

Each athlete has a story that is most meaningful. The human spirit rises to the occasions in which it finds itself.

I find that same spirit here at Siena Heights. We are also on a journey of “going for the gold,” and we need to know what motivates us. What keeps us on the course for success? What inhibits us at times? How do we relate to others on the same journey with us? How do we want to be in the future as we achieve success?

These are questions that we must constantly ask ourselves as individuals and as a University. The glue that holds it all together is our mission. The Olympic athletes were on a mission, and we at Siena Heights University are also on a mission. We will have setbacks here and there, but overall if we are true to our mission and continue to live our Dominican way of life at Siena, then we have already succeeded and only good things can come from that success.

Our success is measured by the positive influence we can have on our students and on each other, thus making our world a better place. We need to spend our energy on the students who are with us this year. We must challenge them, encourage them, walk with them on their journey and bring the best out of them on all levels, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

This is who we are. This is who we are constantly called to be. For we are a University that professes faith, lives hope and expresses love in all that we do. May this year hold countless blessings for us!

God bless us all!

Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD President

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