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From the President:

Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD, President
Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD, President

Reflecting on the Dominican Tradition

Recently, I attended the biennial Sponsorship Conference for all the institutions sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. While attending, I had the opportunity to reflect on leadership and what it means to be a university founded in the Dominican tradition.

The following are some of my thoughts:

Because we are part of a Dominican establishment, we are all family, we are all related. Each of us are leaders in our own way. How do we lead? Is anyone following? When St. Dominic formed the Order in 1214, he believed that the Prior of the Order or the Master General should realize that he was the first among equals. That’s also how I think leaders should see themselves today. When we lead, we must be servant-leaders, putting the needs of the institution/organization/community and the people we serve first.

How do we live the mission of Siena Heights University? Many of us have multiple interactions each day. What is the quality of those interactions? Do we speak with respect and listen with interest, or do we dismiss people as well as what they have to offer? Right relationships must be the foundation on which our mission is built. It can’t be assumed. It is an intentional act. If relationships are off-kilter, then it is difficult to sincerely live our mission. Mission is not something to be written on a piece of paper and tucked away. It is something that must live and breathe, grow and deepen each day.

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SHU Dedicates New Sculpture “Chaos Getaria”


Siena Heights University acquired a monumental piece of artwork this spring by internationally celebrated sculptor Jedd Novatt and conducted a special dedication ceremony April 18 on the Adrian campus.

The 18-foot stainless steel sculpture entitled “Chaos Getaria,” was completed in 2014 at Novatt’s studio in the Basque region of Spain. Novatt lives in Paris and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. His work has been shown in museums and galleries around the world, and is part of numerous private and public international collections.

Novatt’s work has also been included in five of the highly prestigious exhibitions with Sotheby’s at Chatsworth House in the United Kingdom—the annual exhibition of monumental work by the world’s leading sculptors.

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From Satellite Student to Siena Heights Saint

Why I come to the Adrian campus—and you should, too!

By Jerry Peterson ’01—Lansing Center

A large number of Siena Heights alumni (myself included) completed their studies without ever setting foot on the main campus in Adrian. This is the result of SHU’s success developing a nationally recognized online program as well as a network of remote learning centers where students can attend classes locally.

I can think of three great reasons to make the effort to go the main campus; and I have availed myself of all them. The first of these was to be part of the graduation ceremonies. I had never thought I would obtain a degree; so when I did, I wanted to note that accomplishment with a celebration and not just add another line on my resume.

Secondly, I wanted to feel the pride of attending a collegiate football Homecoming as an alumnus. Although the football program is relatively new, it has all the festivities including the makings of a fun and boisterous tailgate tradition. SHU has additional activities before and after the game to make a day of it.

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