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From the Alumni Association:

Mary Small Poore, President—Alumni Association Board of Directors
Mary Small Poore, President—Alumni Association Board of Directors

My Final Reflection

With a deadline looming, I wondered how to pen my last Reflections article as President of the Siena Heights Alumni Association. Then I realized: my experiences in just the past month portrayed the story and essence of this University. As with any good story, the cast of characters is essential to the storyline. Allow me to share a few chapters of this Siena story and its people.

Chapter 1, Theatre Siena: My husband and I, plus 158 other Siena friends and alumni, shared a great evening in late March at the annual Alumni Dinner & Theater event. This affair, always a favorite of mine, exceeded all expectations. Dinner and decor in newly renovated Benincasa Hall was remarkable; and the musical that followed, “Chicago,” was one of the finest shows I’ve seen. Everything—acting, singing, choreography, music, set—was professional. Theatre Siena continues to produce exceptional talent; talent that, once it leaves our campus, goes into the community and far beyond.

Chapter 2, Academic Excellence: In April, I was honored to attend the first (and I hope annual) Scholarship Symposium. Students showcased research and academic achievements in all areas, sharing
their knowledge with faculty, staff and the community. It was a privilege to meet these students, feel their passion and see their hard work. The faculty and staff who guided and mentored these students should also feel great pride and satisfaction; they have instilled in their students a lifelong quest for knowledge. I feel sure that many more opportunities will come to these students thanks to the challenge provided by their instructors.

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From Satellite Student to Siena Heights Saint

Why I come to the Adrian campus—and you should, too!

By Jerry Peterson ’01—Lansing Center

A large number of Siena Heights alumni (myself included) completed their studies without ever setting foot on the main campus in Adrian. This is the result of SHU’s success developing a nationally recognized online program as well as a network of remote learning centers where students can attend classes locally.

I can think of three great reasons to make the effort to go the main campus; and I have availed myself of all them. The first of these was to be part of the graduation ceremonies. I had never thought I would obtain a degree; so when I did, I wanted to note that accomplishment with a celebration and not just add another line on my resume.

Secondly, I wanted to feel the pride of attending a collegiate football Homecoming as an alumnus. Although the football program is relatively new, it has all the festivities including the makings of a fun and boisterous tailgate tradition. SHU has additional activities before and after the game to make a day of it.

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Alumni Stars Mark the Start of Homecoming

Last fall’s Homecoming weekend began when the stars came out for the Alumni Awards ceremony Friday afternoon. Meet the 2014 award winners:

Recent Graduate Award

Kyle Leighton ‘13

Nominated by Zachary Orlosky ’10

A professional communications graduate of Siena’s Jackson Center, Kyle credits his Siena Heights education for igniting his success at EverLast Lighting, Inc, an energy-efficient lighting manufacturer in Jackson. As director of public relations for the firm, he has been published in numerous trade magazines and designed and launched a Michigan Energy Awareness Initiative that was adopted throughout the state; and was named an emerging leader in the electrical industry. He was recognized for “carrying the mission and spirit of SHU into a promising career in public relations and professional communication” and for being a role mode as “an advocate of energy efficiency.”

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